Creating powerful, intelligent and easy-to-use applications and services for everyone.

Software development

We strive to develop applications for as many platforms as possible, with priority given to Desktop (browser), Android and iOS.

All our products will be made to be as simple to use as possible, yet highly customizable for advanced users. Built-in intelligence combined with creative solutions promises to deliver functionallity as well as simplicity.

At the moment we are working on several projects that we aren't quite ready to disclose just yet.

Consulting services

With a broad knowledge in areas like networking, server virtualization, deployment, Linux and Windows server, to name but a few, we can help you out in most situations.

On-site services

Need a techician to come to you? We can take care of your hands-on IT needs.

Who we are

The company was founded in Grängesberg, Sweden in late 2016. The name Calliopas was chosen because it's Porphyrius the Charioteer's nickname. Porphyry is also the county of Dalarna's signature stone.

Our staff

Roger Vilkman

Founder and owner



Designer & Software developer



Lead programmer



Social media & PR manager


Get in touch

Feel free to call or drop us a line. If you want to visit, please book an appointment in advance.

  • Postal address

    Calliopas AB
    Skogsvägen 12
    772 50 Grängesberg
  • Visitor address

    Bergsmansvägen 37
    772 40 Grängesberg
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  • Email

  • Phone

    +46 (0)70-646 86 46